Inspection services are available for nearly any make and model and are often recommended by us when assessing a potential restoration project. While we do not showcase them, our team regularly inspects a variety of classic vehicles that are brought to our workshop. Unless there is a unique need for specific services, our inspection report will provide information on / include:

  • exterior visuals, such as condition of:
    • paint and body filler, with thickness
    • chrome and aluminum trim
    • glass
    • body rubbers / seals
    • body lines / gaps
    • undercarriage, with focus on rust and structural solidity / originality
    • suspension components
  • interior visuals, such as condition of:
    • dashboard
    • headliner
    • seats
    • carpet
    • engine compartment
    • trunk
  • VIN confirmation, in rail-stamped form as well as on plates
  • operation from cold start, driving, down-shifting, and braking performance
  • engine and cylinder compression
  • approximately 100 high-resolution photos of all areas, details of specific interest, imperfections, and books / manuals / service records

While most inspections are brought to us, we are happy to coordinate an on-location visit for your project.