Restoration services are the pride of what we offer. No detail is too small to be overlooked. Interior and exterior efforts are performed over months and our average work effort is approximately 1500 hours per vehicle.


We find vehicles coming from all walks of life, some currently running or being driven and others that have sat in barns for decades; all deserve a chance for something greater and to show the amazing craftsmanship from which they came.

Upon delivery our project managers and mechanics break vehicles down to their core, often just the bare chassis. All parts and various pieces of vehicles are catalogued and placed in organized storage. As parts are returned to the vehicle they are thoroughly cleaned or when necessary replaced. Genuine parts are used in every possible circumstance.


Seats, trim, carpets, steering, instrument panels, and more are cleaned, conditioned, and restored.


Frame and body are repaired, engines overhauled and tuned, and new or restored drivetrain components put in place.


Vehicle bodies are sandblasted and cleaned, then primer, original colors, and rust-proofing applied in our climate-controlled paint booth.

Fit and Finish

Buffing and waxing as well as small cosmetic fixes are applied while all components come together in the finishing room to prepare a project for display and sale.


Completed vehicles can be seen in person at our showroom or where we display them for sale. Recent work is also showcased online.